Applications for the volunteers at the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown are now closed.

Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring the high standard of our events, and our team is so excited to welcome you all back in 2021!

Whether you enjoy organising and administration, or getting amongst the action, there is a role to suit everyone at the Darwin Triple Crown.


The Flag Team are the Officials appointed to each flag point around the circuit, giving signals to the drivers while they are on the track. Their duties involve numerous jobs, including rescuing drivers, helping the Fire & Rescue Marshals and the recovery team, and sweeping the track. Anything is possible as a Flag Team Official.

The Communications Team comprises numerous observers located at flag points around the track. The team’s task is to observe all happenings around the circuit, report to Race Control over the trackside radio system, and relay instructions from Race Control to other Officials at the flag point.

Pit and Grid Team duties include controlling the vehicles and people in Pit Lane and the Supercars Paddock area, and helping the Scrutineers maintain the Supercars Parc Ferme. The team also has a responsibility to ensure appropriate Pit Lane speeds are maintained while directing drivers to their correct positions on the starting grid before each event.

Scrutineers check all cars for safety and eligibility, and examine any cars involved in accidents. The Scrutineers work from the Support Paddock, the Supercars Paddock and Pit Lane.

The Fire and Rescue team are the trained Fire and Rescue Marshals stationed in fire vehicles or on foot around the track and in Pit Lane.

The Recovery team includes Tow Truck Teams and their assistants. It is their job to recover “dead cars” from around the circuit and return them to the Paddock, Pit Lane or the Scrutineers, as appropriate.

The Timing Teams tasks are to record the time of every lap of every car during all practice and qualifying sessions and races, and to produce the printed official results for all events.

The Paddock Team controls the Support Paddock and the Marshalling Area where the race cars form up in race order before being released to the Starting Grid.

The Equipment Team distributes the trackside equipment to sectors each morning and then collects it each night. In between these jobs, they may be called on to relocate equipment as required, and deliver lunch and refreshments to Officials.

Please contact us at volunteers.ntmec@nt.gov.au with any queries.

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